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For greater control over the communication between components in Windows XP and sites on the Internet, use Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 instead of with Service Pack 1.Windows XP Service Pack 2 provides a number of new Group Policy settings that control communication between components in the operating system and sites on the Internet.When Automatic Updates is configured so that updates automatically download and install, users do not need to visit special Web pages or remember to periodically check for new updates.Automatic Updates can be configured to use one of the following options: A user logged on as an administrator can decline a specific update that has been downloaded.The user can download those declined files again by opening the Performance and Maintenance category in Control Panel, clicking the System tool, clicking the Automatic Updates tab, and then clicking Declined Updates.(In Control Panel's Classic View, you can open the System tool directly from Control Panel.) If any of the previously declined updates can still be applied to the computer, those updates will appear the next time that Windows XP notifies the user of available updates.For more information about software update services, see the Microsoft Web site at:

This feature is very useful for organizations that Microsoft Software Update Services enables administrators to quickly and reliably deploy critical updates to servers running Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server as well as desktop computers running Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional.

The Windows Updates Downloader is a free tool for meticulous Windows users who are careful about which updates they download.

Instead of having your computer search out download and install your updates you may turn off automatic updates and choose the updates you want to download and install.

The recommended methods for controlling Windows Update and Automatic Updates or both are as follows.

Important When using these methods, also control the type of accounts that people log on with.

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