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Ab März 2007 Wirtschaftsredakteurin bei SPIEGEL ONLINE, seit Juni 2009 Ressortleiterin.Wechselte 2010 als Redakteurin ins Wirtschaftsressort des SPIEGEL, seit November 2013 stellvertretende Ressortleiterin.The petition initially had 22 signatures, but soon more than 140 politicians in Brussels -- from all member countries and the entire range of political parties -- added their signatures.Eleven members donated money to fund a six-month exploratory phase and began searching for the right person to head the organization: Philipponnat."But it's absurd that the general public should have to assume the risks of private companies," he says.Unrelenting Hordes of Lobbyists Although efforts are underway worldwide to regulate the financial industry more rigorously, implementation is a different story, as evidenced by the work of the European Parliament in Brussels, where members are under constant observation and attack by an estimated 700 financial lobbyists."The financial industry is extremely fascinating, intellectually challenging and very dynamic," Philipponnat says.He isn't bothered by the fact that some in the industry have become filthy rich.

"Just a minute, I can only do this in French," he says.The project is backed by 40 European organizations, including unions, consumer-protection groups, foundations and think tanks.And it has a single goal: to make financial markets more transparent and influence future legislation so that it serves the needs of society rather than the financial industry.Though extremely outnumbered, the new organization Finance Watch is preparing to confront them head-on -- with a former industry insider at its helm. Studium der Politikwissenschaft und Journalistik in Leipzig und Madrid.Volontierte 2001 bei der "taz - die tageszeitung" in Berlin und arbeitete anschließend als Redakteurin bei der "taz" und später als Reporterin bei "Financial Times Deutschland Online".

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