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    Some studies have found that women currently using birth-control shots seem to have an increase in breast cancer risk, but it appears that there is no increased risk in women 5 years after they stop getting the shots.

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    I'm using the script from and have configured xmobar as described on github.

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    This ambition has led to many mistakes in the past (commercial bias, poor methodology to study near vision, non-independent monitorization, etc.), where different types of AIOLs were presented to the scientific community as highly effective to be then discredited later on by independent studies from different authors.

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    Way back when, during a time that wasn’t 2017, before Tinder and Bumble and online dating, romantic relationships were a sacred thing. With all that in mind, why are millennials having less sex than previous generations?

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    where is the mail "Data" folder, as revealed by "Help" | "About Eudora"), the situation remains clouded when read by other people.