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At some point I decided that Anime was so much fun that I should not just watch it, but write about it--that is, review shows.I've never taken any sort of class in writing, animation, or reviewing, but it just seemed that I wouldn't be getting all I could out of the experience of anime watching unless I put my thoughts into words as well. When it comes to anime, early on I was a hard person to disappoint--I thought almost anything was worth a watch, and I only assigned a handful of "Avoid" ratings, so you might want to take my older reviews with a grain of salt.If I don't know that anything better than, say, Hyperdolls exists, I'm liable to declare it the greatest work of all time.One thing I have learned after over a decade of watching anime is that Sturgeon's Law ('90% of everything is crap') applies to anime just like to any other form of media.

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I'd like to express my thanks to fellow Mikomi members for the help I've been offered with all sorts of topics, ranging from renting DVDs by mail, to recording anime music, to fixing computer problems, to downloading fansubs, to saving screen images, etc, etc. " My insatiable quest for my "anime fix" seems to have gone through a number of stages:1.(Revised November 2013) Maybe I've become jaded, maybe I'm just demanding higher standards from the stuff I watch.I think my reviews have gotten more and more like those of the professionals at ANN and elsewhere, in that I have little patience nowadays for trashy shows.The best thing about anime is that it isn't American, it's from a completely different culture.Being as frustrated with the state of affairs in this country as I am, an opportunity to immerse myself in the fascinating media of another country is a blessing.

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