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At the bottom, click the button that says Continue. Just enter the Letters or Numbers displayed in your screen correctly. Once you’re done with the captcha, you will now arrive at the first page of your Online Membership Registration Form for your Pag-Ibig Membership Identification Numbers.

Click Next to continue your Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers application. Click next for the final and last step of Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers application. Because the page has a navigational bar whenever you need to go back to a certain tab. The function of this button is to show you your accomplished Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers application / Member’s Data Form. Enter your Registration Tracking Number, your First name and Last Name and the Captcha below and click Proceed.

All employees, therefore, must register for and acquire an Pag-IBIG Membership ID number to ensure that the contributions are properly remitted to and recorded with the Pag-IBIG Fund. Simple, you do the Pag-ibig Membership Identification Number Application online! Under the Benefits and Program Tab, click on the Membership Programs.

To start of our tutorials on how to apply for your Pag-Ibig Membership Identification Numbers, you are required to have your SSS Number and TIN Number ready. I have also provided in this blog screenshot images for your references in case you’re lost.

If you have different address which is your present location, correctly type it in.

On the bottom of the page, (Preferred Mailing Address ) check where you want any mails to be delivered. Enter (if available) your Home Telephone Number, Office Telephone number and the most important, your Mobile phone number.

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