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Missing You - Harlan Coben Hurt from a breakup that once shattered her life, NYPD detective Kat Donovan has devoted all her energy to solving cases and trying to piece together the events that led up to her father's mysterious death around 20 years ago, leaving her naturally with no time to seek out new relationships or indulge in casual dating.

Thus when her friend Stacy signs her up on an online dating website You Are Just My even without her permission, she is at first revolted by the idea, eventually finding herself stuck in a loop of indecision. She starts busily scanning one profile after the other but stops on her tracks when she stumbles across her ex-boyfriend's.

And nothing in the world would induce me to do that... The last is much the worst; the last is a real tragedy! That the big climactic reveal was thoroughly horrid and unexpected would be an understatement.

Oliver, by now realising that there's something more than meets the eye, calls on Poirot to unspool the mystery.Normally I can trust Deaver to come up with a really nasty guy, but this time around he fails miserably, with the psychological insight offered to justify his motivations making no sense at all.I am beginning to get the impression that the series is all but inching towards its inevitable demise.Hallowe'en Party, one of the last adventures featuring Hercule Poirot, is at best a mediocre tale of serial murders spanning over several years.The scene, as you might have guessed, is a Hallowe'en party in the town of Woodleigh Common and preparations are in full swing.

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