Granny cams in the usa

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Who among us would want to be recorded -- continuously and secretly -- in our daily employment?I also worry about how such evidence might be interpreted by lay observers.For example, if you see her spending a lot of time texting, you may want to come up with an agreement where she only texts when the kids are napping. Because you can't be there at all times to care for your children, a nanny cam allows you to watch them as if you were.It also offers you the opportunity to observe events in your children's lives, as well as see how they are learning and developing.Would you consent to be recorded continuously while being bathed, toileted, and more?

I have spent thousands of hours providing medical care in nursing homes as a geriatrician.

And there are two types of laws you need to be aware of: ones for video surveillance and ones for audio recordings.

The main benefit of a nanny cam is getting assurance that your children are being cared for effectively and safely.

You may want to have a discussion with your nanny before you install the camera. What do you do with the recordings after watching them?

Let her know why you're doing it and address any concerns she may have. Maybe you agree to have the nanny cam in place temporarily for a few weeks or months as you're building trust, then reassess later on.

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