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A letter in April, 2005, set out seven alleged facts about Mrs Aziz's relationship with her husband - all "of a confidential nature".

In the ensuing High Court case - held in private because of the Sultan's protest - Mr Justice Underhill said Mrs Amir "sometimes wholly lost control of herself".

When she realised she had been caught, the fortune-teller went on the offensive, threatening to release "embarrassing" details of Mrs Aziz's life with the Sultan.

She sent cash payments of around £760,000 to the young man and showered him with gifts - including two diamond bangles, seven Louis Vuitton shirts and jumpers and a Cartier diamond watch.

But it is exactly this world, this girly-cutesy-feminine universe that Aidijuma is known for, that has made this tudung bawal brand one of the most popular tudung labels in Malaysia.

With images of ice-cream and balloons, Eiffel Tower and macaroons, Aidijuma has won the hearts (and pockets) of fans since it was established five years ago.

For someone who doesn’t even like print, the surrounding is quite dizzying.

It’s as if I’m in a world that’s a cross between Laura Ashley and My Little Pony and Friends, with an overdose of pinks, pastels and pretty things all in one room.

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