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Sure, there was "Love Trumps Hate" in response to Trump's troubling rhetoric and "Stronger Together" which didn't quite convey its fundamental message. Keep reading to see what we mean, and here's to hoping the Democratic Party can come up with a better slogan before election day arrives.

Now, it appears Democrats are attempting to reshape their narrative with its newest slogan: "A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages".

Among the candidates was a record number of 137 women.

and clearly lacked the criteria cited in the article 115 of the constitution, which is being considered among “religious and political rejal ("men" or "personalities", according to different interpretations)”.

Incumbent president Hassan Rouhani was eligible to run for re-election.

His rivals were the conservatives' top candidate Ebrahim Raisi, the Islamic Coalition Party's Mostafa Mir-Salim and Mostafa Hashemitaba who ran with no partisan support. According to results announced by the Interior Ministry, Rouhani received 23.5 of 41 million votes counted.

According to final results, 41,366,085 voted from a registered electorate of 56,410,234. The Ministry of Interior announced results gradually after midnight (local time), after polls closed. During the elections, several Iranian analysts and officials and warned a possible foreign electoral intervention.

During the five days period, a total of 1,636 individuals put their name to run for president, an increase over the 686 candidates in the previous election in 2013.

The fight against pseudo-revolutionary opportunists has become highly costly, because this current is gnawing at the roots of the Revolution like a termite...[They] are not only at odds with the intellectual fundaments of original revolutionaries, but also represent a current whose material interests are at risk.

See also: Hassan Rouhani presidential campaign, 2017; Ebrahim Raisi presidential campaign, 2017; Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf presidential campaign, 2017; Eshaq Jahangiri presidential campaign, 2017; Mostafa Mir-Salim presidential campaign, 2017; and Mostafa Hashemitaba presidential campaign, 2017 Twitter is blocked in Iran, however, Iranians use proxies to tweet and those that create a buzz, then travel to Telegram channels, where "they can potentially reach a much wider audience" according to BBC.

On 20 April 2017, Rustam Minnikhanov - President of Tatarstan and Vladimir Putin's envoy, met with candidate Ebrahim Raisi in Mashhad in Raisi's capacity as Head of Astan Quds Razavi. “The recent meeting raises the suspicion of interference in the elections, which is not appropriate”, he said.

MP Alireza Rahimi questioned the meeting and asked for explanations about the reasons for it, citing alleged Russian interference in 2016 U.

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