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In the D and E columns, we have logical arguments that test the values for Engine and Campaign within our table.When these logical arguments are true, we pass 1s, otherwise we pass 0s.We also took advantage of our named range as a definition for a series on a chart, but you can also use named ranges as parameters in formulas.Defining Series Values in a Charts and Graphs: Pretty straightforward Excel function.

Formula (abridged) from cell B3 SUMIFS(‘Data For Our Graph’! We then use named ranges that point towards our automatically updated tables.Example from the named range “Chart_Axis” =OFFSET(‘Automated Graph’! $B:$M)) We will create a named range for our graphs axis and each of its series.In this case that means 3 ranges for the axis, spend, and revenue values.Count: This formula simply counts the number of cells within a range that contain numbers.There are many variations of this formula in Excel.

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